You can't really call it an implementation. It is more a change of culture. It is another way of thinking and doing things.

We have a hands on approach and you will gain benefits in a very short period of time.

We use the PL LEAN Roadmap and follow the 5 Steps of implementing LEAN: 

  1. Define the opportunity for improvement 
  2. Understand current process by Value Stream Mapping 
  3. Analyse the Value Stream and identify non value added  activities 
  4. Improve the process by eliminating non value added activities 
  5. Sustain by changing the procedure/process and monitoring the changes.

The LEAN Implementation can be created to suit your business's needs and requirements. 

Give us a call and we can explain further. 


The one thing I learnt is that in order to implement Lean we will need time to not just analyse the bottleneck but to simulate what small changes could impact the workflow/cost as a whole. For example, an improvement on one station might not be an improvement of the overall production line. Rizal - Jeldwen Glass

1 – that the small changes have big impact, really reinforced the actions we are taking at our site  2 – the networking that we were able to do internally helps build the sharing of ideas, a longer term plan should be actioned around this. Craig - Stegbar