PL Lean Training Pty Ltd

PL Lean Training will help you to understand how you can maximise customer value while minimising waste.

We are a RTO (Code: 41473)  and can train your staff in Cert III and/or Cert IV in Competitive systems and practices (LEAN Six Sigma)

You will be introduced to the PL LEAN ROAD MAP which will guide you easily though the LEAN philosophy. It is a results-driven and hands on training with LEAN Simulation Games. After the training you will be able to apply the philosophy in your business.

Who can / should attend the workshop?

The workshop is developed for anyone who would like to know what LEAN is and how to implement LEAN – it can be anyone from the Senior / Middle Management team, Production team and / or Administration team. The LEAN program can be adapted to any type of business so no specific education qualifications or industry knowledge is required.

During the workshop you will receive some LEAN tools you will be able to bring back to your   organisation. It will make it easy for you to apply LEAN in your business.

The training can be created to suit your business's needs and requirements.

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 “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay”

 Henry Ford