Lean Implementation

You can't really call it an implementation. It is more a change of culture. It is another way of thinking and doing things.

We have hands on approach and you will gain benefits in a very short period of time.

 We use the LEAN Roadmap and follow the 5 Steps of implementing LEAN: 

  1. Define (Project, department, product flow etc.) 

  2. Understand current process by Value Stream Mapping 

  3. Analyse the Value Stream and identify non value added activities 

  4. Improve the process by eliminating non value added activities 

  5. Sustain by changing the procedure/process and monitoring the changes.


Created to suit your business

The Lean Implementation can be created to suit your business's needs and requirements. Give us a call and we can explain further. 

List of companies PL LEAN has been involved in:

VISY Sun Engineering HYNE Timber
Grove Juice Di Bella Weathertex
Frontline Manufacturing Masterblaster Helen's
GCI Rocky Point P.T. Automation Solutions
RFG MPAQ Kialla Foods